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The Internet of Things (IoT) was a dream that is now soon becoming a reality. From cars to heart monitors to health devices, there is a wave of new possibilities with the rise of objects connecting itself to the internet. What makes Internet of Things important to us is how it is going to change our lives. Our blog takes you into the IoT world with the dimensions that is going to bring change and impact our world very soon. 


Value: Make the daily aspects of our lives more efficient and seamless

Data: Highlight the importance of data and what all we can achieve with right usage

Security: Kill all the security breaches , password hacks and bring a world of complete privacy

Smart: From buildings to cities, when everything is connected then it is really smart

What's New

Smart Home

Are you worried about the thermostat at home while you are at work? Do you keep wondering about not having pulled down the blinds around your workstation while driving home? Do you constantly fear the about the security alarm accidentally getting switched off while your kids are alone at home?

If you are nodding your head in affirmation – it’s time you transformed your home into a Smart Home!

A smart home is still your sweet home, but one that is able to manage all the above and much more with ease and finesse; and most importantly all by itself. Well, technically speaking, a smart home is a remote-controlled home that you can easily monitor and manage via your smart phone or tablet and make it your safe, lovely, comfortable, and well-connected haven. What was a dream only for many of us until now has finally become a reality. You don’t need to be a wealthy millionaire to have a smart home; you can enjoy all the above benefits at reasonable price too.

There are plenty of applications that provide you home security, home automation and entertainment options. Check out this section for everything you want to know about the Smart Home and how you can own one now…

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